I can provide consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, English to Czech and vice versa.

Consecutive interpreting or per partes: is usually used at meetings, trainings etc. The interpreter waits till the speaker tells part of his/her ideas, pauses and gives the interpreter time to translate.

Simultaneous interpreting: is usually used at international conferences with the use of translation equipment - headsets and microphones, interpreting booths. It can also be done without the equipment - by whispering in a client's ear.

Tips for a successful meeting with interpreting: provide as much material (vocabulary, topics, complete presentations) to the interpreter as possible. Do not say "It will be nothing special". Every field has special vocabulary which is often unknown even to native speakers. An interpreter may work at a cattle-breeding conference one day and a conference on social services the next day. Give him/her a chance to be well-prepared.

Send me your requirements and I will send you an accurate price quotation.