Price List

The prices below are approximate, I will provide an accurate price quotation at request.

  • Translations

General translations:                     CZK 1,20  / per word 

Proof reading by native speaker:    CZK 0.6 / per word

Verified translations:                    CZK 500,- / standard page (approximately 250 words)

I charge 20% extra for complicated layout (pdf, charts, tables, materials on a hard copy).

I charge 100% extra for work overnight, on weekends, public holidays.


  • Interpreting

Consecutive (per partes - small meetings, training, etc.)          CZK 2000 / half a day 

Simultaneous (conferences, lectures, presentations, formal events), 

verified/court interpreting                                            CZK 3200 / half a day

Driving test                                                                 CZK 2500 / event 

                                                                                 (includes 1 hour of preparation)

Weddings                                                                   CZK 1,800 / event

Travel cost calculated based on current rates in the Czech Labour Code will be added in case the venue is outside Olomouc.