Hana Havlickova, sworn translator and interpreter

My name is Hana Havlickova and I have provided English language services since 1995. I specialize in technical English, especially metal-working, automotive and aerospace industries but am also experienced in public administration. Good knowledge of British and American environments allows me to customize your website to address overseas clients.
My greatest advantage is long experience, professional and individual approach, all this for highly competitive prices. The satisfaction of delivering a professional, flawless job is as important for me as the money I get for it. I therefore always keep in close contact with my clients and am open to discussion regarding any unclear detail.
In 2011, I was appointed a sworn translator by the Regional Court in Ostrava, Czech Republic, which allows me to produce verified translations of legal documents such as wedding certificates, extracts from commercial registers, interpret during driving tests for foreigners etc.

I am looking forward to working with you.

Tomas Havlicek, translator and interpreter

I started to deal in translations during my English and American studies at the Palacky University in Olomouc from which I graduated in 2000. As a translator I gained experience in a number of technical fields including law, machine tooling, insurance, metalworking, electrical engineering, traveling, construction, paper industry, health service, military engineering, brick industry, optics, arts, journalism, motorbikes and many others. I have provided my services to many companies including Honeywell, Meopta, Kimberly Clark, WHP, Gemo, Invensis, Excalibur, Delfort, Edwards, Alinvest, Wienerberger, Windmöller und Hölscher, Achenbach, Museum of Art, Tabo, Nevima Group etc. over my twenty-year professional career. I have translated business meetings and various training courses in Italy, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Lithuania and faraway China.
I had to master the industry-specific styles and terminology. The translator's profession is not an easy one and involves lifelong learning. Neither a temporary stay abroad nor online translation machines would suffice. It is a full-time job. It usually does not come out well if practiced by students, teachers and former au-pairs on an occasional basis to make some extra money. In contrast to translation agencies I prefer a direct contact with my clients in order to clearly understand the context, use appropriate terminology and avoid any confusion.
I am looking forward to another new experience with your company!