Major Clients:

  • Honeywell Aerospace - since 2000 - parts for aircraft engines

 - translations and interpreting during: Due Dilligence, introduction of SAP, construction of a new manufacturing building, transfer of production from the U.S.

  • Koyo Olomouc (former Timken) - since 2004 - bearings for automobile industry

 - general supplier of translations and interpreting on all levels from manufacturing to management

  • Al Invest Bridlicna - since 2006 - aluminium products

 - translations of business correspondence, manuals, price quotations, interpreting at meetings with suppliers, on the shop floor

  • The Olomouc Region - since 2010

 - translations of documentation for European Projects, interpreting at conferences and for international delegations

  • 1995 translation of a book "Faery Lands Forlorn" by Dave Duncan